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Notably, the number of people in the crowd increased after hearing the rhythms and chorus from this new release. Artist Garzón-Montano who performs all the instruments live and on his studio releases, Skiptrace Pro then delved into new works and his best pieces from his previous album, Bishouné: Alma del Huila. Songs such as “Me Alone” invoked thoughts of Prince, and the beat of “Keep on Running” exhibited both soul and hip hop influences. The crowd was impressed with this recent signee. Mndsgn (pronounced “mind design”), a hip-hop artist and producer whose most recent album, Body Wash was released this September by Stones Throw, performed next. The performer brought out a live band complete with a horns section, and took a creatively pleasing route by meshing his synth-heavy sounds with the rest of his outfit. Mndsgn takes some influences from prog-funk, and had the audience’s heads nodding with his songs from his last release and Yawn Zen, his 2014 release that had hits such as “Camelblues,” which has over 1 million views on Youtube. Common, the headliner, finished the night with a riveting set where he played hits such as “The Light,” “Love of My Life” and “The Food,” and freestyled over beats as sundown hit Highland Park over the fan’s cheers. Mild High Club, the solo act of Alex Brettin, performed coming off the release of Skiptracing. Brettin, known for performing along with Mac DeMarco, received acclaim for his sophomore project, a vintage infused project with low-fi and filtered tracks that fall into the slacker-rock genre.

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